Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
John D.Rockefeller

Why To Give

Back in 2007, we incorporated two foundations: one in Azerbaijan and one in the United States. These foundations are non-profit organizations, also serving as endowment-building arms of the university. Since then, we have built and managed a modest endowment in both countries.

ADA University Foundation building in the US is part of our diversified investment portfolio. In addition, we have a modest portfolio managed by Citibank in the US and Pasha Bank in Azerbaijan. 

Launch of a permanent endowment fund is one of a few innovative concepts ADA University has pioneered in the education sector of Azerbaijan. Over the past years, we have lived through currency devaluations, financial crisis, collapse of oil prices, global pandemic, etc. Despite these fluctuations, we have held our promise to our students, faculty and staff.

We have completed the construction of our state-of-the-art campus, sustained our facilities, launched new programs, attracted and retained international faculty, cultivated and incentivized Azerbaijani faculty, encouraged more knowledge production and dissemination, awarded our students for their outstanding academic performance and willingness to give back to society. At ADA University, more than 35 percent of tuition revenues are given back to students as need-based and merit-based scholarships.

None of this would be possible without our Permanent Endowment Fund. By building a permanent endowment fund, we are investing in the stability, continuity and future of the university. The ADA University Foundation is the lifeblood of the ADA University. This is an ambitious and worthy goal, and we hope you will join us in its pursuit.

Why To Give

Outcome Images of Our Students

The ideal graduates of ADA will be educated through curriculum built around a mix of rigorous major study, electives, functional enablers and general education, provided with experiential learning opportunities through projects and trained to become high-impact graduates. The outcome images of our students are, therefore:






Producing high impact graduates entails admitting the most qualified students who have potential to excel in academically rigorous curricula, developing these students into the country’s core manpower with critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills, and ultimately delivering these students to the job market in all sectors of the economy – industry, government, research or academic institutions – to effectively apply their knowledge and skills.

ADA University aspires to produce ‘high impact’ graduates, rather than 'merely makers'. High impact graduates are professionals who are capable of applying their knowledge to solve problems and design processes requiring more sophisticated training and skills compared to makers whose main functions are carrying out specific tasks. For makers to become high impact professionals, it takes skills and knowledge build-up. The academic programs at ADA adopt a project-based learning approach to prepare our students to become high impact graduates upon graduation.